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Mary Mannhardt, M.Ed (Counselor In-Residence)

I’m Mary Mannhardt, a Christian counselor specializing in individual therapy with a private practice in Fredericksburg, VA. I graduated fromLiberty University and Georgia State and have been a practicing therapist for more than 15 years. My areas of expertise are mood and eating disorders, and relationship issues.

I wrote the book “Dark Marathon” which shares my personal story of how I ended my career as a world-class runner with a suicide attempt that left me a paraplegic. Through listening to God’s voice I worked through my issues and am now helping others to overcome the areas of life that hold them captive. I’ve spoken on National TV shows including The Today Show and NBC News Tonight. Additionally, I speak nationally on the topics of eating disorders, depression, and suicide. You can read more about me in the following articles published in Fredericksburg.com, Times Leader, and The Hoya.

I believe my counseling is unique because I counsel from both a professional and personal perspective. When I was a senior in high school I developed severe anorexia and this led to clinical depression. I was a world-class runner on a track scholarship at Georgetown Univeristy when I tragically tried to end my own life by jumping form a bridge. My attempt at suicide was not the end of my life, but a new beginning as I surrendered my life to Christ shortly thereafter. I have been a paraplegic for 35 years, as a result of my action. I sought professional help for my issues and recovered. I counsel with purpose and passion knowing the pain that comes with serious struggle. If you are looking for a counselor with not just professional knowledge, but someone who understands your pain, please contact me. My story has been told in my book Dark Marathon and I have shared my story on the Today Show and NBC nightly news. For more info check out the following articles.

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